Poli is a service that connects you to people with different political opinions, to discuss a topic and facilitate a dialog. Using a mobile app you can follow and learn about important topics and get matched to someone to discuss these via chat. Poli’s chatbot provides you with prompts to keep the conversation flowing. It measures the conversation rhythm and underlying emotions, intervening when necessary or by request. It also keeps track of nearby events related to what you’ve been discussing - bringing the dialog back into public space. Poli helps people enlarge their understanding of public issues, and check their own assumptions against those of fellow citizens, creating the healthy and robust public debate we need, to demand and help build better solutions.

Course: Final Project



Just plug in your device, and start listening. You then set how much you want to donate to the artists, compared to how much the usual streaming services pay them. For instance, it is said that Spotify pays around 0.0003$ per min on average. This means that for that artist to get 1$, you’d have to listen to their music for 55 hours and a half. If you don’t think that’s fair, you can set your own rate with Fair Speaker.



The speaker keeps track of how long you’ve been listening and how much money you’re donating. It uses an Arduino MKR-1000 to power all the analog controls and displays on the speaker, while connecting wirelessly to the PayPal API, that is used to send your donation.


When you’re done, just press Pay and the money is sent to the Fair Speaker service, that then distributes it to the artists.

A very small fee is retained by Fair Speaker to cover operational costs and keep the service sustainable.


Additionally you can connect the service to your twitter account, so that every time you donate a tweet is sent out saying how much you donated and to what artist. This helps the service reach more people, while making you look good at the same time.


Enjoy your music. Be fair to the ones who made it.