EDP Playtime


In 2011 EDP - Energias de Portugal unveiled a new identity designed by Sagmeister Inc. To promote the new identity they launched an app for iPad and iPhone with 4 mini-games. Bliss Applications was chosen to develop the games. Together with the dev team I was in charge of level-design fot the maze game, as well as animating the icons and preparing all assets for the games.

I did not design the icons or the ui, those were all provided by the client.

Client: Sagmeister, Inc.  My role: Animations & Level Design





Each level of the Power Maze game featured a home appliance that had to be pluged in. The player would drive the plug through the maze to get to the socket, trying to avoid all hazards in between. This was done by tilting the device in the direction you wanted to go.


Below you can see a screenshot of the game


To build the maze maps we used a software called Tiled. Below you can see the tiles we used. These were later replaced in code with the final assets. Each bubble represents an element within the game: the plug, the socket, water hazard, mice and the appliances.




Example of level construction with the grid overlay.



Example of another level, with the dummy objects already placed.



When the plug got to the socket the appliances were powered up and animated. Here you can see. those animations. Keep in mind the devices we had at the time were not nearly as powerfull as those we own today, so these had to be very light animations, with very few frames. Keep in mind I did not design the icons, they were part of the brand assets provided by Sagmeister Inc. I just made any necessary ajustments for the animations, and to add life to an otherwise static element.



We then translated these nifty animations to sprite sheets like the one you see below, wich was used for one of the other mini games - Bust-a-Bulb. We used a software called Zwoptex for this.



As you can see this helps you make the most of all the space vailable, which was of great importance, since there's was a maximum size for this maps and for the number of maps we could use. Unlike some spritesheets you might have seen, or even used before, this does not require every element of the animation to be next to each other. The software maps everything for you and then provides coordinates for every element.



Thank you for reading this far.